The Mission to Seafarers offers support to Seafarers all around the world. Seafarers are anyone who works on board a seagoing ship, there are over 1.5 million seafarers across the world. These Seafarers can often spend months at a time away at Sea away from their loved ones doing incredible work that’s key for supporting our everyday life such as working on cargo ships to bring us the things we need.

The Mission are there to support these Seafarers with any issues they may face. Those issues can include loneliness, shipwrecks, abandonment and many other problems. Lack of facilities can make these issues even harder to bare so the Mission is based in ports around the world to offer them the facilities they need while also offering faith and mental health support. Overall, the Mission is there to offer their care to some of our most hardworking key workers, the Seafarers.

We have partnered with the Mission to bring you this resource as our Scouting Values align perfectly with our friends The Mission to Seafarers. Through these fun activities young people will meet the Seafarers and learn all about the World of Seafaring.